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 Ponencia: The new age of the IT Industry, from the certifications to the competences

Robert Jan Willemsen. EXIN

The way in which the IT industry is going to evaluate IT professionals in the near future, is just about to change. Although certifications are still needed; nowadays this is not enough to choose to the right professionals.

The world is changing, and it is changing at a high pace. And if the world generally speaking is changing, can you imagine how the IT industry is changing?

Today, most of the professionals already have, not just one but many certifications, so the complexity for hiring companies is actually high. These following simple questions can show you where the difficulty is:

 All the ITIL® Experts have the same skills??

Any ITIL® Expert will perform equally?

The answers to both questions are simple, NO. So, how can a company know to whom hire? How a professional can differentiate her/himself from the rest?

Bio Referencias

Robert Jan Willemsen, Chief Commercial Officer,

EXIN is a global and leading independent institute for certification and assessment. Our mission is clear and simple: We want to help the professional by developing himself in developing his mastery in ICT. Not only by certification, but also by validate his competences.

Before my position as Chief Commercial Officer in different national and international roles in ICT, HRM, Learning and Talent Development

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