ITGSM 2011

VI International Academic Conference on IT Governance and

Service Management

"Innovating in IT Governance and Service Science"

itSMF Spain, together with Carlos III University of Madrid and University of Seville, is organizing the ITGSM2011 -  International Academic Conference on IT Governance and Service Management, focusing the role of innovation must play in IT Management and Governance to achieve added value. The title of the event  is: Innovating in IT Governance Service Science.

The call for papers and presentations is open for the 2011 ITGSM conference until May 10, 2011. The conference will be held on 1 - 2 June 2011 at Carlos III University of Madrid and the University of Seville.

This year the conference will be on the subject of how to increase innovation in methods, tools, IS economics and the human factor, which is summarized in Einstein's equation e = mc ² (where the exponent is the "h" of the human factor) as the driver to become the center of the network of university research and business in this area. It is a well-established conference, which aims to be a place of encounter, exchange of experiences and new directions for researchers, professionals and students interested in the different areas covering the full cycle of IT service management:

  • IT Service Strategy
  • IT Service Design
  • IT Service Transition
  • IT Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement

This year, given the characteristics of itSMF Spain academic conferences to focus in innovation and the latest trends, it wants to present contributions to Service Science that are guiding the next steps in Service Management. Service Science focuses on the application of science, management, and engineering disciplines to tasks that one organization beneficially performs for and with another.

The ITGSM 2011 conference has identified four thematic areas, addressing the following aspects:

1.  Track METHODS, STANDARDS AND BEST PRACTICE = Methods, rules and standards for IT Governance and Service science:
  • Service Management Standards and ISO 20000
  • IT Governance standards and ISO 38500
  • Safety regulations and ISO 27000
  • Continuity standards and BS 25999
  • Models of IT Service Management: ITIL version 3.1
  • Simulation of IT and business processes
  • IT Governance Models: Cobit 5.0
  • Enterprise Architecture: TOGAF, Zachman, etc.

2.   Track ITSM APPLICATIONS= COTS, applications, software and infrastructure for IT Governance and Service for science:

  • Classic and federated CMDB
  • Trends in Service Centers and Call Centers
  • Service Management Software
  • Knowledge Management
  • Cloud Computing in ITSM applications: Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service
  • Development languages
  • Quality and Testing
  • Security Management
  • ITSM in mobile devices
  • Social Network Integration

3.   Track IT HUMAN FACTOR = Human factor for IT Governance and Service science:

  • Workplace design and RACI matrices
  • Soft Skills
  • Culture
  • Change Management
  • Technologies impact the organization
  • Privacy and Social Networks
  • Emerging Skills
  • IT Impact on GDP
  • Communications management
  • Creativity and lateral thinking applied to IT

4.  Track IT ECONOMY = Economics for IT Governance and Service science:

  • IT value, total economic impact
  • Costing of services, cost structure, cost allocation processes.
  • Risk management
  • IT budget process
  • Balanced Scorecards applied to IT
  • Pricing of IT services
  • Ratios and metrics
  • Real options applied to IT
  • Service management under Green IT

Special Theme: Opening a forum on how to improve the integration of academic and professional needs and accelerate the  knowledge transfer from academia to organizations. Under the theme of Action Research is seeking contributions to help identify methods and approaches that lead to better integration of academic and professional practices. Action research is a reflective process of progressive problem solving led by individuals working with others in teams or as part of a "community of practice" to improve the way they address issues and solve problems.

The introduction in the ITGSM 2011 of Service Science, together with ITSM and IT Governance, is to respond to issues such as new business models, security and privacy issues, demand management, reuse and standardization of services, control quality , pricing of IT services, generating combined value customers and suppliers, cultural and social impact and competitive factor of IT services.

Several Spanish and international universities are involved in this academic conference. The conference will be heldat two locations:  University Carlos III of Madrid (three tracks) and the University of Seville (one track) and virtual connections with international universities. The conference talks will be recorded on video, including all accepted publications.


Publications in both English and Spanish (the main language of the conference)  are requested. The following types of publications will be accepted:

  • Full papers: 8000 words maximun.
  • Business cases: 8000 words maximun.
  • Posters: Size A1 in color.
  • Short papers: 3000 words maximun.
Please send publications in word or pdf format following the IEEE template pdf  IEEE template, to the following address:  (all figures must be uniform white, gray or black for easy editing). Two documents should be submitted for review. The first document entitled, bibliographical note, should include: title, session at which it is addressed and the author with a brief CV (200 words maximun). The second document is the publication in IEEE format, excluding information about authors.

Example of IEEE layout y papers:

The Sixth Congress has a Scientific Committee and double-checks process and following a strict selection, the selected publications will be published in the conference book (book and CD-ROM) under an ISBN number. A summary of accepted publications will be available on the website of itSMF Spain and the participating universities. The best papers will be published in journals with industry recognition. All accepted publications will be indexed in databases.

  • Deadline for receipt of publications: 10 May 2011
  • Notification of acceptance to authors: May 15, 2011
  • Receiving final version for publication: May 25, 2011
  • Front paper submission: June 1, 2011
  • Conference Dates: 1 and 2 June 2011




The final program will be announced on 16 May.

The conference languages are Spanish and English.

There will be four groups of parallel sessions to accommodate the accepted papers and posters:





ITSM Methods, Best practices and Norms


ITSM Economy


ITSM Human Factor



Conference Opening


10:00 10:45

Paper 1

Business Case 1

Paper  2

Paper  3

10:45 11:30

Paper  4

Paper  5

Business Case 2

Paper  6



Paper  7

Paper  8

Paper 9

Business Case 3




12:45 13:00

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 3

Poster 4

13:00 13:45

Business Cases 4

Paper  10

Paper  11

Paper  12

13:45 15:30

Lunch time

15:30 17:30

Debate: How can we guide HHRR in innovation and value creation?



Herramientas ITSM ,COTS


ITSM Methods, Best practices and Norms


ITSM Economy


ITSM Human Factor



Recepción y apertura


10:00 10:45

Paper  13

Paper  14

Paper  15

Paper  16

10:45 11:30

Paper  17

Paper  18

Paper  19

Paper  20



Paper  21

Paper  22

Paper  23

Paper  24




12:45 13:00

Poster 5

Poster 6

Poster 7

Poster 8

13:00 13:45

Debate table: What portion of the value and risk does innovation have?



Best Master and Doctoral Thesis Awards. Close of Conference


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Boletín itSMF España
Nº 27 - Semana 8 Febrero 2010

Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 18 febrero de 2010.
Con el objetivo de la elección de los nuevos cargos de Presidente, Vicepresidente y Director Adjunto de la Junta Directiva, además de revisar y planificar las actividades de la Asociación como en años anteriores.

How to Measure ITIL Service Utility and Warranty 8 de febrero de 2010.
By understanding the ITIL concepts of utility and warranty in ITIL v3 you discover competitive advantage, cost controls, customer satisfaction, and business IT alignment, writes ITSMWatch columnist Hank Marquis of Global Knowledge.

Incrementar la protección y seguridad de los datos, reto fundamental de una gestión moderna de las TIC 1 de enero de 2010.
Las entidades que gestionan información personal se enfrentan cada vez más frecuentemente a cuestiones de privacidad. Asegurar su protección es uno de los retos que tiene ante sí una gestión moderna y avanzada.

Best Practices For IT Availability 17 de diciembre de 2009.
What requirements should we keep in mind while developing our disaster recovery plans and documents?" and, "Which strategies work best for managing our disaster recovery program once it's in place?"

Top 5 cloud computing predictions for 2010 8 de diciembre de 2009.
Cloud computing standards and major cloud computing outages top Linthicum's list: “Evidently it's a requirement that all of those in the cloud computing world must chime in with their cloud computing predictions for 2010”.

OGC withdrawal of ITIL version2 Octubre 2009.
Removal of ITIL V2 will complete on 30 June 2011. Specific product withdrawal will be as follows: V2 Foundation to cease 30 June 2010, V2 Manager to cease 31 August 2010, V2 Practitioner to cease 31 Dec 2010 and Foundation Bridge to cease 31 Dec 2010.

ITSM 2009 - The Game
The noventum "ITSM 2009 - The Game" simulates the tasks of a responsible IT manager. Distribute the work load of incidents and service request to your IT specialists and make sure that you serve your clients quick enough.


Seminario: Libere el poder de la virtualización
18 de febrero de 2010. De 9:30 a 13:10 horas. Nuevos modelos de servicio emergentes como SaaS o Cloud Computing utilizan la virtualización como base tecnológica. Y es que el mayor motivo que impulsa la virtualización sigue siendo la reducción de costes.

Mesas de Debate 2010 itSMF España: Gobierno de TI
17 de Marzo de 2010. La primera mesa debate versará sobre el Gobierno de TI. Este año se presentan en un entorno más participativo y trayendo temas novedosos y que son actualidad. Enfocada en una tertulia a tratar los temas: Presentación de Gobierno TI, cómo abordar un proyecto de Gobierno TI, el Gobierno TI y el Modelo de Cloud Computing en TI y la relación entre el Gobierno TI y la Innovación en TI.

V Congreso Academico Gobierno y Gestión del Servicio TI: Propuestas para tiempos difíciles
10 de junio de 2010. The University of Alcalá and the ITSMF-España invites you to participate in this congress: ITGSM’2010 - V International Congress on IT Governance and Service Management: "Proposals for Tough Economics Times".


itSMF International Annual Report to Chapters 2009/10
itSMF International. 22 de enero de 2010.
An exciting and productive year of itSMF activity is summarised in the report, along with financials and other information. It is well worth a read for anybody interested in the itSMF, so we have highlighted it by putting it on the front of our web-page.

“Los datacenter en el nuevo modelo de gestión de las TI”
Enter IE. 3 de noviembre de 2009.
Esta nota número 148 de Enter IE expone las características que debe tener un datacenter eficiente que sea capaz de adecuar la eficacia operacional, la inversión de activos y la optimización de los recursos energéticos.

TOGAF™ 9 and ITIL® V3 Septiembre de 2009.
This white paper describes the development of TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) and ITIL as a background to discussions about the potential overlap in the processes they both describe.

Tacking ISO 27001: a project to built an ISMS 22 de Julio de 2009.
This paper addresses the implementation of an ISO 27001 ISMS using the ProjectManagement Body of Knowledge known as the PMBOK Guide.

A professional practices framework for it assurance. Summary document.
ISACA. Abril 2008.
As the need to provide regulators and shareholders with information on controls increases, the effective design and operation of automated internal controls are also becoming more and more important.


Tomando café con...

Alejandro Pérez Sánchez. Gestión de Servicios Compartidos. Dirección de Tecnología y Sistemas - Gerente

Noticias por Categorías

ITIL (general)

Gobierno y Valor TI

ISO/IEC 20000

Planificación Estratégica TI


Centro de Servicios

Catálogo y Niveles de Servicio

Gestión de la Configuración

Mejora de Procesos

Auditoría y Control

Estudios Mercado TIC

Publicación de la Quincena

La respuesta que siempre quisiste conocer sobre ISO 20000. ItSMF España.

La Frase y el Dato de la Quincena

La Frase

“Technology decisions play a vital role in supporting your overall strategy” (“Best practices for IT availability”.


El Dato

Less than 8% suggested version2 qualifications need to be available for more than 2 years (from the date of the survey). (“OGC withdrawal of ITIL version2”.




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